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About us

We are a team of Italian young people, who work in the field of product design and are very fond of cycling. We are based in Bolzano, right in the heart of the Alps, where a wide range of cycling disciplines are practised and where more than 40% of urban movements are covered by bike.
We believe that in the field of bike accessories there is still much to innovate and we are looking for people who share the same passion, ideas and skills in developping new products. We are also looking for distributors interested in this concept, who want to support Chameleon and trade it worldwide.

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About the project

We go cycling very often, with a variety of bikes: racing, fixed, folding. we love the bike for its pure and functional look, without any sort of accessories. But we’ve always needed a very compact fender to protect our back when a sudden rain surprises us during a journey and the road gets wet. Something pocket-sized and quickly mountable when needed. Something suitable for citybikes as well as for racing bikes.
So in 2009 we started working on this concept. In 2010 we applied for a European Patent, in 2013 we finally found the right shape and materials to finalise it and since 2014 we have been selling it. We’ve called it Chameleon, and it is the first collapsible accessory of a special forthcoming collection.